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Cathy Mesick 

Energy Intuitive-Reiki MasterTeacher

Classes & Other Offerings

Reiki I & II 

~ In this 2-Day In-Person class you will learn traditional Usui Reiki Levels I&II. Class will cover the following and so much more:

  • the history of Reiki and how it came to the West.

  • developing and trusting your Intuition.

  • practical applications of Reiki in everyday life.

  • receive attunements and symbols with instructional manual with hand placements.

  • learn the Human Chakra system.

  • by close of class you will have a basic understanding of energy healing and be able to perform Reiki on yourself, others (including Distant Healing), and animals. Practice time is included.

  • Receive Reiki I&II Certificate.

What to wear/bring: Wear comfortable clothing, notebook, Quartz crystal (optional), lots of water, lunch (there are also many eateries in Fremont in addition to PCC).  

Cost: $350.00 ~ Deposit of $100.00 required - Balance is due at Class. No refund is given upon cancellation - you can apply your deposit to a future Class or Healing Session.

DATES:  TBD  please contact if you are interested. I will set up a class for you.

Hours:    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (includes lunch breaks)

Location: 600 N. 36th St., Ste 320, Seattle WA 98103

Call 206-960-1457   or email Cathy  to reserve your spot - space is limited.

Reiki  III ~ MasterTeacher Training

~ In this One-Day In-Person class you will be attuned to the Usui Master Symbol as well as the 2 Master Teacher symbols completing your Usui Reiki training. Class will focus on how to work with the additional symbols and frequencies. If you are ready to teach others the beautiful healing modality of Usui Reiki or just take your healing practice to the next level this class is for you. 


  We will explore the human energy body with more in-depth discussion focusing on the Chakras and the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. Teaching Reiki and giving Attunements.

  Includes Reiki III & Master Teacher Manual and Certificate of Completion. 

** Prerequisites: Reiki I&II certification. ** I highly recommend the student taking this level of training has a commitment to the Reiki path. 

Topics to be covered:

  • Mind, Body, Spirit connection

  • Creating sacred space

  • Working with crystals

  • Maintaining good energetic hygiene 

  • How to teach Usui Reiki

  • How to set up a healing practice.

Cost: $450.00 ~ Deposit of $100.00 required - Balance is due at Class. No refund is given upon cancellation - you can apply your deposit to a future Class or Healing Session.

DATE:  Scheduling is On Demand if there is enough interest.

Hours: 10:00 AM - 4:30 (includes 45 Minute lunch break)

Location: 600 N. 36th St., Ste 320, Seattle WA 98103

Call 206-960-1457 or 206-949-8022 or email Cathy to reserve your spot - space is limited.

Connecting with loved Ones in Spirit

Image by Greg Rakozy

How often have we wanted to connect with our loved ones in Spirit to just know they are ok or know that they are always with us? In truth, though, it is our Loved Ones who want to get loving and healing messages across to us. 

I am introducing a dear friend who is a highly gifted Medium - Jane Wenner. I first met Jane about 5 years ago when visiting my oldest daughter who lives in Virginia. Jane and I connected right away. After Reiki attunements and mentoring it became clear rather quickly that Jane was opening up to her abilities of Mediumship. I introduced her to a handful of my clients when the opportunity arose so she could practice with others besides myself. The time has arrived to bring her gifts forward and offer you her services. These sessions are designed to connect you with your Loved Ones in Spirit. These sessions do not include energy healing. 


Details: Jane's schedule is very limited. She's busy with life, career, family, caregiver. At this time we are scheduling readings for Sunday mornings only - 7:30 AM PST.

** This is a conference call. ** For now I do stay on the phone with Jane and You, the Client,  to hold Sacred Space and manage time. She is located in Virginia (Eastern Standard Time) and I am in Seattle (Pacific Standard Time) therefore the early time slot. 

Cost: $60 for a 30 minute reading. Payable directly to Jane Wenner thru Venmo.  

Scheduling: email me directly Cathy Mesick via this site and I will schedule a reading. 

House Clearings & Blessings


~ As with general housekeeping it is always advisable to do Energetic Housekeeping regularly. Great for clearing a space when moving into a new home, after an extended illness, seasonal changes, or to just freshen up the place.

  Clear out stagnant energy and those unwanted "guests".  Stabilize the land and the house structure so the residents and the house are in balance with one another. 

Location - Greater Seattle Area.

** I am not doing house clearings at this time. If you would like a referral I am happy to provide the contact info for a trusted colleague Please email or call.    

Tel: 206-960-1457


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