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Advanced Energy Healing Mentorship Program

is CLOSED for
January 2023

Many of you have been asking for additional training and guidance with Energy Healing. I have put together a series of classes that will dive into the more intricate details of Energy Healing. The topics that will be covered are the very tools I use everyday in my practice. Class size is limited - Register early!

** You don't have to have a professional healing practice to take these classes. You just need a deep interest and commitment to the learning process and a commitment to doing the work.  

Each 4-hour class will build upon the previous one, broadening your skills and deepening your understanding of the Subtle Energy Field around us.  It is my intention to guide and support you in your practice as we explore this dynamic Energetic Universe that we live in.


Benefits of these classes:

  • Confidence building

  • Developing and trusting your Intuition

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Mind/Body connection and the root causes of many dis-eases. 

  • Broadening your understanding of the multi-dimensionality of the world around us. 

  • A supportive space to ask questions about all things Energy. Connecting with other like-minded individuals.

Topics to be covered just to name a few:

  • Grounding and Protection, Creating & Holding Sacred Space

  • Chakras and working with the Layers of the Aura

  • Belief systems and dis-ease, removing blockages, cords, restoring balance

  • Working with Spirit Guides

  • Past Lives 

  • Mediumship - communicating with Spirit

  • Growing Personal Power - Resonant Frequencies

Class program: 6 Months  - meeting in-person with mid-month Zoom support.

Time: 10:30 AM 2:30 PM

Dates:  SATURDAYS - 2023 -  Jan 21  ~ Feb 18 ~ Mar 18 ~ Apr 15 ~ May 20 ~ June 17 (dates subject to change)

Cost: $200 ea. class with commitment to completing the 6 month program. 

 **  Registration Closes December 31st.    **


At the end of the 6 month program, if there is interest, class will continue for the next 6 month time period diving deeper yet again. 

REGISTER:   email  or call 206-960-1457 


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