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Cathy Mesick 

Energy Intuitive-Reiki MasterTeacher

Energy & the Body

  Energy Medicine is a broad term used to describe an ever changing and expanding field of Holistic Healing based on the Human Energy Field. Reiki, Healing Touch, Hands on Healing, Color, and Sound Therapy are some of the different ways to work with the human energy system to create optimal physical and energetic health.


  At the center of this Human Energy Field are 7 Major Chakras supported by thousands of Minor Chakras and Meridians. These 7 are stacked vertically along the spinal column, beginning in the pelvic floor with the Root Chakra and ending at the top of the head with the Crown Chakra. Each Chakra acts as it's own transmitter and receiver of energetic information. This energetic information is then directed to the corresponding organs and endocrine systems in the physical



  In addition to the Chakra system are the Energy Bodies. The human energy field or aura is made up of several subtle energetic bodies, all spatially superimposed over the physical body and vibrating at their own harmonious frequency. These are the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Etheric and Physical bodies. Yes, the physical body is an energy body. It vibrates at the most dense form of energy, thereby allowing it to relate and experience its physical environment.


When these Chakra centers and Energy Bodies are balanced and working harmoniously together, one is full of vitality, has a sense of wholeness and Life Force Energy. On the other hand, when one or more of these energy centers is out of balance, sluggish or stagnate Life Force Energy can become depleted; causing fatigue, confusion, illness and dis-ease over time.

An Energy Healing Practitioner can intuitively identify these problematic areas, release the energy blockages and create flow to promote healing in the client. Healing can take place in the form of sublte changes over an extended period of time or a dramatic shift that can be felt immediately.

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