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It is my hope that this site will bring you a little more clarity and understanding to the world of Energy Healing and the possible benefits a session can provide.

About Me: I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Intuitive and Light Weaver. I bring a practical, grounded approach to energy healing. My in-depth training in energy healing and shamanic practices will focus on energetic imbalances within the body and its human energy fields, providing insights as to the causes and assisting the client in returning to a state of well-being, vitality, and balance.

Each session is uniquely guided and focuses on the issues presenting at that moment. By incorporating the different healing modalities and spiritual guidance I am able to direct the healing energies and frequencies to the affected areas of one’s being. It is my intention to provide a safe, comfortable environment in which the client is empowered to heal, attain balance as well as create the life they intended to live.

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