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FAQ: Questions/Answers


What can I expect at my first Reiki Session?

In person sessions are conducted with client lying fully clothed on a massage table. Comfort of the Client is of utmost importance. After a brief interview discussing what the Client would like to achieve with a Reiki session, Cathy, with the assistance of her Spiritual Guides, will direct the healing energies where needed by lightly placing hands on or above the body. Insights and wisdom gained from a session can be life changing.

What does Energy Healing feel like? 

Most clients feel calm and relaxed throughout the session. Some feel tingly, buzzing, hot and/or cold sensations, weightless, "out-of-time"  while the energies flow throughout the body while others might not feel anything at all. 

How many sessions do I need? 

Each client is unique and will be guided as to what they need for a treatment plan. Some energetic imbalances will require several sessions to restore the Mind, Body, Spirit to a more balanced state.

Can a session help with Stress?

Yes. By restoring balance during a session one will feel more present and a relaxed state of well-being. By being in a more centered state one can cope with daily stresses more effectively. 

What types of things can Reiki or Energy healing help?

Pain Management



Accelerate the body's healing after injury or surgery,


Chronic Dis-ease

Spiritual Growth


Please provide at least 24 hours notice for cancellations out of respect for the Healer and those on waiting lists. 


"I started seeing Cathy after a significant loss, and she has been a pivotal aid in my grieving.  She has a truly special gift and since I started seeing her over 3 years ago, I have a renewed sense of balance and perspective on my life.  It is such a relaxing experience as well as validating and insightful.  I am forever grateful for finding Cathy."

~ J. B. Seattle  

"I don't even know where to begin; Cathy is nothing short of incredible. I started seeing her ~3 years ago and was blown away by how attune she is. Over the past few years Cathy has been instrumental in my personal, spiritual, and emotional growth. Even on my worst days I leave our session feeling at ease and aligned. I cherish her presence in my life and am so grateful for everything I have learned during our time together. If you are thinking about trying energy work for the first time - you have found the absolute best in Cathy. I can't recommend her enough - she's life changing."  

~M.H. Seattle

"My first Reiki session with Cathy was such a relaxing experience, it made me curious to have more sessions.  Little did I know, we were starting a 3-year journey together, with her guiding me through major ups and downs in my life.  I can’t imagine navigating some of those situations without her help."

~ S. W.  Seattle

"Cathy is a truly MAGICAL, AMAZING, and GIFTED individual who I am so very BLESSED & GRATEFUL to have come in contact with and see for guidance and balance in my life. She is one of kind and very rare to find in this life so if you are looking for mind, body and spirit work....she is your human!!! I more than highly recommend her and she deserves an infinity of stars for a review but it only allowed me 5."

~D.M Seattle

"I really didn’t know what to expect when I invited Cathy to my home for a House Clearing and Blessing. The process was very informative and quite an uplifting experience.  My house feels lighter and more open than it has in a long while. What a wonderful outcome!"

~ S.W. Seattle

"Cathy is truly amazing!!

My first contact for all energy balancing , blockages, spirit, house clearing and advice!"

~ D.M. Steamboat Springs, CO

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