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New Updates!

 updated 6/27/2024


Classes & Workshops

I will not be adding another Mentorship Class for 2024. I have limited days to offer a Class and could not fit one in. I will be putting together mini classes to teach specific topics. Please stay tuned. 


Covid Updates

Facemasks are not required in the common areas of the building. I will not be requiring a facemask in my studio but you are welcome to wear one. I will gladly wear one for you if you request it. 

By scheduling an in-person session you agree to take full responsibility for your choices and health. I take my health and your health very seriously. If you are feeling unwell do not come into the studio, I will do the same. We can reschedule or change to a Distant Session. 



If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me.

Light Blessings!

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